QUEENSRŸCHE's GEOFF TATE: "We Talk Through Business Managers And Lawyers Now"

July 2, 2002

The remaining members of QUEENSRŸCHE—frontman Geoff Tate, guitarist Michael Wilton, bassist Eddie Jackson, and drummer Scott Rockenfield—do all their talking through "business managers and lawyers now," Tate revealed in an interview with Cleveland, Ohio's WMMS 100.7 FM this past Sunday, June 30th. "Every band has its own way of functioning," continued the singer. "There is no right way or wrong way. There just is…so, that just is [the way it is] for us."

When asked for his reasons for staying in QUEENSRŸCHE in light of the fact that the members of the band do most of their communication through managers and lawyers, Tate replied, "Hmm. God, good point! (laughs) Well, I've spent 20 years of my life working within that band and working with those people. Even though it's a very dysfunctional group of guys with a lot of hostility toward each other, it still works to some extent. Honestly, I just cannot wrap it up right now. I cannot face spending all those years doing it, and then walking away from it. If I can get one more record out of it, or maybe two or three more records out of it, then I'm going to try."

As to whether the tension within the band works to push the band forward in terms of their creativity, Geoff said, "Well, so far. I really can't answer that, honestly. We're at a point where…these last few months, we've been working at making the record, and the way we chose to do it this time was to not hire anybody in and not have somebody join the band, but to utilize some other writers to contribute songs to the record. Then, I would collaborate with those writers and come up with the songs. Once the songs were written, then I would hand them over to the other guys in QUEENSRŸCHE, and they would record them. When I get home from this tour, the plan is for me to do my vocal tracks at that time, and then have it mixed sometime in the fall and have it released at the end of the year. But, I can't really can't answer your question honestly now, because I haven't worked with those guys in months and months and months — actually, not since Q2K [was completed]."

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