QUEENSRŸCHE Singer: SANCTUARY RECORDS Didn't Know How To Market My Solo Album

July 14, 2004

In a recent interview with Metal-Exiles.com, QUEENSRŸCHE vocalist Geoff Tate was asked about the poor reception given to his self-titled solo album, which came out in 2002 through Sanctuary Records. "Well, you cannot really control how a record is received, you never know how people will take what you do and I do not have expectations in that area," he said. "How it is marketed is really a concern with me. I really think Sanctuary did not know what to do with the record and it was out of their area. I handed them a record that was not a metal record, was not a hard rock record, it was not anything that I normally do in QUEENSRŸCHE. It really challenged them on how to sell it and they did not step up to the plate, they really dropped the ball. I do not blame them; it was a challenging piece of work to sell. . . Maybe another record company could have done a better job and maybe they would have done worse. It was a learning experience, we have talked about it and hopefully on the next one they will do better, and at least I hope they do better.

"It is a tragedy and frustrating that people get locked into image or want to put you in such a small little box and say that this who and what you are," he added. "I resist that at every opportunity because I have so much more to offer than somebody else’s expectations. We all have the ability to think way beyond other people’s expectations; we are the definers of our own destiny, not corporate America." Read the rest of the interview here.

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