QUEENSRŸCHE To Play Only Pre-'Mindcrime' Material On JUDAS PRIEST Tour

February 20, 2005

QUEENSRŸCHE vocalist Geoff Tate recently spoke with "The Hairball John Radio Show" about the group's upcoming U.S. tour with JUDAS PRIEST and their forthcoming CD, the next chapter to the 1988 ground-breaking concept album, "Operation: Mindcrime", tentatively titled "Operation: Mindcrime II". An excerpt from the interview follows:

Hairball John Radio Show: Geoff, I am trying to rack my brain and remember if you have toured with PRIEST before?

Geoff Tate: "Yes, we have, we did Rock In Rio with them back in Ninety-something, I can't remember exactly what year it was, but they are a fantastic band. And this last summer we toured with them in Europe. That's where this whole thing actually started kicking off, the bands got along real well musically and there is a lot of respect there and they are all great guys and they asked us to join them on the U.S. tour. How could we say no?"

Hairball John Radio Show: Geoff, as you complete more songs for "Operation: Mindcrime II" through the year are we going to hear some of those tunes on the PRIEST tour or are you going to pretty much stay with your current catalog?

Geoff Tate: "Well on the PRIEST U.S. tour we are planning on doing really old material. We’re gonna kind of go back to the first few records and play around with some of that and not play anything from 'Mindcrime' or the more modern stuff, we're gonna leave that alone."

Hairball John Radio Show: So you are going back to "Lady Wore Black", "Walk in the Shadows" and "Take Hold of the Flame"?

Geoff Tate: "Yep, kind of some old stuff, kind of returning to the beginning of the band."

Listen to the entire interview at www.hairballjohn.com.

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