QUIET RIOT's FRANKIE BANALI: KEVIN DUBROW 'Was My Biggest Asset And My Biggest Liability'

March 27, 2015

In a brand new interview with Bucks Local News, QUIET RIOT drummer Frankie Banali was asked what changed his mind after he said in 2008 that the band was over following singer Kevin DuBrow's death.

"Kevin, rest in peace, passed in November of 2007," Frankie responded. "After spending the greater part of my musical career sharing the world stage with Kevin for over 27 years, and what became a lifelong friendship, I just couldn't see past his tragic death and loss.

"The catalyst for trying it one more time was a product of, and the idea of, making the QUIET RIOT documentary and the process of going through my QUIET RIOT archives, which span over three decades."

Speaking about QUIET RIOT's current lineup, Frankie said: "The last lineup of QUIET RIOT with Kevin included longtime bassist Chuck Wright and guitarist Alex Grossi. Kevin was really happy and comfortable and stable with that lineup, so they were the ones I enlisted once I had decided to move forward. After a couple of false starts with two other singers, we found the right vocalist for QUIET RIOT as it is now with Jizzy Pearl. Jizzy has done a great job in meeting the vocal requirements and sound of QUIET RIOT while still retaining his own style and personality."

Banali also talked about DuBrow, who died in November 2007 of an accidental cocaine overdose. He said: "Kevin was a truly honest person — told anyone and everyone exactly what he thought with no filters. This, of course, got him into a lot of trouble and made him a lot of enemies.

"Kevin was my biggest asset and my biggest liability; but he was also the best friend I ever had, even with all the difficulties in our careers and our personal friendship over the years. Not a day goes by that I don't miss him or wish he was here.

"I'm very close to Kevin's mom and the DuBrow family. They are all well and love the QUIET RIOT movie, and they are in it!"

The QUIET RIOT documentary "Well Now You're Here, There's No Way Back" aired on Showtime in January and will be made available to purchase via iTunes and on DVD in May.

QUIET RIOT topped the charts in 1983 with the first #1 heavy metal album ("Metal Health") which sold over 10 million copies worldwide, and paved the way for successful metal bands like MÖTLEY CRÜE, POISON and BON JOVI turning the 1980s into the decade of heavy metal hair rock.

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