RACER X: 'Getting Heavier' Details Unveiled

December 6, 2002

The reunited RACER X, featuring JUDAS PRIEST drummer Scott Travis, ex-MR. BIG guitarist Paul Gilbert, and ex-BADLANDS drummer Jeff Martin (on vocals),will release their new album, "Getting Heavier", on Dec. 18 in Japan. A limited-edition run of 30,000 units will feature a bonus double live CD, "Snowball Of Doom 2".

The complete track listing is as follows:

01. Dr. X
02. Lucifer's Hammer
03. Golden God
04. Bucket Of Rocks
05. Go-Gg-Go
06. Heaven In
07. Everything's Everything
08. Empty Man
09. The Siren's Eye
10. Ghost Dance
11. Endless
12. Catapult To Extinction

"Snowball Of Doom 2" (Live)

01. Superheroes
02. Phallic Tractor
03. Fire Of Rock
04. The Executioner's Song
05. King Monsters
06. Dead Man's Shoes
07. Sunlit Nights
08. Into The Night
09. Y.R.O
10. Let The Spirit Fly
11. Waiting

01. Hammer Away
02. Bass Solo
03. Miss Misstreater
04. That Hormone Thing
05. Scarified
06. Drum Solo
07. Motorman

A European release of the album (just the studio album) will come via Mascot Records on Feb. 24. The same label will also release Paul Gilbert's latest studio CD, "Burning Organ", in Europe on Jan. 27.

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