RACER X Songs 'Stolen'

April 7, 2003

RACER X webmaster Ken Hower has sent us the following message:

"The band RACER X has just become aware of a guy named Luke John who is claiming as his own, 2 RACER X songs. The songs, 'Technical Difficulties' and '17th Moon' are on the 1999 CD 'Technical Difficulties'.

"Luke John, at www.lukejohn.net, plays 'Technical Difficulties' as the opening song to the site. In addition, on the 'Download Page', he has many songs that he attributes to himself, including '17th Moon' and 'Technical Difficulties', which he has renamed 'P.A.I.N.'

"We have contacted this guy via email several times, simply asking that these songs be removed, but have failed to receive any response.

"Interestingly, on the 'News Page', Luke boasts that he's in the studio right now with Steve Vai. I received the following response from Steve's webguy, Mikey.

" 'Thanks for the heads-up.

" 'I've not heard of Luke John before, I've never seen him in the studio with Steve.

" 'I'll check with Steve to see if he knows who he is.

" 'Peace,

" 'Mikey

"We have also discovered since investing this guy, that his CD 'Bringing On The Rain', is in fact the CD 'Anvilhead' from guitarist JOBOJ, aka Joe Bochar at http://www.gtrbque.com/ Joe goes on to say on the RACER X message board, '(He) put his name on the credits (which is funny for him to credit himself as the drummer, as the disc was recorded with a drum machine... '

"RACER X simply wants the songs removed. Let's hope this guy comes to his senses."

RACER X feature in their ranks JUDAS PRIEST drummer Scott Travis, ex-MR. BIG guitarist Paul Gilbert, and ex-BADLANDS drummer Jeff Martin (on vocals).

[UPDATE: Steve Vai's webmaster has contacted BLABBERMOUTH.NET to confirm that Luke John isn't currently working — and never before has worked — with Vai in any capacity]

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