RAGING SPEEDHORN Guitarist Issues Tour Recap

May 28, 2007

RAGING SPEEDHORN guitarist Gareth Smith has issued the following update:

"We came home from our three week tour of Europe just yesterday. Today I'm trying to come to terms with 'normal life' again..a life of showers, sofas, good food and unfortunately… work. Gotta pay the bills until next time.

"I just want to say first of all thank you to the other two bands we were out with, TWELVE TRIBES and BRIDGE TO SOLACE. You guys were amazing and have become lifelong friends of the HORN! We had such a great time, and Bobsz, you nearly had us all in tears when you got upset after the last show!! Love you mate! Thanks also to everyone who came out to the shows to see us. It's been three long years since we last went out on a proper tour of the mainland and we were proud that so many of you out there remember us. The shows in Eastern Europe, our first ever in Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Rep. and Poland were mind blowing! It was great to meet you guys! Also want to say sorry to anyone who missed us or came late. There were tight schedules at times and bill re-shuffling every night, so we're really sorry to the countless people we met who missed us. I promise it won't be another three years until we're back again!

"And last but of course not at all least, thank you so much to our brother Lee. You took yourself to the brink a couple of times, just to get us to shows on time, to get our merchandise designed and then sold, and the whole time 'slept' on the floor of our van! We love you so much buddy! Sorry we give you so much shit all the time..

"Now, we're looking forward to releasing the new album and getting back out to play to you guys again."

RAGING SPEEDHORN recently finished recording its new album, "Before the Sea Was Built", at Foel Studio in North Wales with producer Larry Hibbitt. A September release via SPV Records is expected.

RAGING SPEEDHORN's last CD, "How the Great Have Fallen", was released in May 2005 via SPV.

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