RAM To Support U.D.O. In Sweden

January 4, 2010

RAM, the traditional Gothenburg, Sweden-based heavy metal band featuring Morgan Pettersson (ex-B-THONG),will support U.D.O. on the following dates:

Jan. 29 - Gävle, SWE @ Maxim
Jan. 30 - Gothenburg, SWE @ Trädgår'n

Also appearing on the bill is TORCH.

RAM last year announced the addition of bassist Christian Strömblad (NOMINON, ex-IMMERSED IN BLOOD) to the group's ranks.

The band's second album, "Lightbringer", came out on June 19, 2009 via Germany's AFM Records. The CD was produced by Johan Reivén and was mixed at Studio Bongo in the group's hometown. The follow-up to 2005's "Forced Entry" was mastered at Studio Bohus Mastering by Dragan Tanaskovic.

Commented the band: "Compared to 'Forced Entry', the 'Lightbringer' album is a step in many directions for us. 'Forced Entry' was a very straightforward (in RAM terms) heavy metal album. 'Lightbringer' is more concept-orientated and it displays an array of different themes that are noticeable in song writing, lyrics and throughout the production. Including a horror mantra that features Mexican poet Adelaida Caballero performing one of her profound, surrealistic and magick poems, this album offers hard and heavy but quite unorthodox heavy metal songs that features many twists and different parts, along with melancholic and very melodic pieces. E from the infamous black metal band WATAIN is featured on one track which is a modern heavy black metal track and he lays down some sinister vocals indeed. Something as unusual as a metal horror opera, 'The Elixir' features a macabre tale in vein of Edgar Allan Poe's work. Our most epic track to date and also the longest RAM song ever recorded is a song about the battle at Suomussalmi in 1939 during the Finnish winter war."

RAM's full-length debut, "Forced Entry", was recorded at Black Path studios and was mixed at Gothenburg's Brewhouse facility. Mastering duties were handled by Göran Finnberg.

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