RAVENS CREED Announces New Singer

August 4, 2010

RAVENS CREED, the "VENOM-worshipping scumbags" featuring Steve Watson (ex-IRON MONKEY),Jason Graham, and former SABBAT bassist Frazer Craske, have announced the addition of vocalist Al Osta (a.k.a. The Syrian Destroyer) to the group's ranks. According to the band, "Al's interests include kick boxing, serial killers and CELTIC FROST."

Osta will make his recording debut with RAVENS CREED on the band's second album, "A Conspiracy Of...", which is due before the end of the year via Doomentia Records. The CD will be laid down at Tenko studios over the next few weeks.

"A Conspiracy Of..." track listing:

01. Bashed In
02. Wiccan Wanderers
03. Five Witches Of Nine
04. Black Bullets
05. Hearse Fokker
06. Inappropriate Eulogy
07. Buried In The Bin
08. The Wires Will Kill You
09. Kick To Kill
10. Shoot The Wounded
11. War Cauldron
12. Unleash The Ratbashers
13. Raped By The Graveyard
14. Breaking The Lord
15. Bloody Luxury
16. Rat King Rosary

RAVENS CREED states, "We have already written six songs for our third LP and look forward to playing live with Al as soon as possible."

ORANGE GOBLIN's Ben Ward recently decided to leave RAVENS CREED due to "a lack of available time to commit to the band." He said in a statement, "It has reached the point that I can no longer give [RAVENS CREED] the time and energy that it deserves and I feel that by leaving now it will allow Steve, Jay and Frazer the opportunity to get somebody who is as passionate and dedicated to the band as they all are."

RAVENS CREED's debut album, "Albion Thunder", was released in July 2009 via Doomentia Records. The CD contains 12 songs with a running time of 39 minutes.

For more information, go to this location.

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