October 26, 2004

Reality Entertainment has announced the opening of its own worldwide online network. Reality Entertainment Online will serve as a distributor for select companies and catalog owners to release or re-release their products through the Reality Online network.

"The online market is just beginning to come into its own, and we’ve been able to make a big impact on promotion, marketing and online sales by embracing the technology," says Reality CEO Warren Croyle. "As a result, our online network and online partnerships have grown into a worldwide network. In 2005, the Reality Store will expand to feature titles from all over the world and evolve into a one-stop shop for compelling and important music."

Reality Entertainment's goal is to bridge the gap between Europe and America and since its inception, the company has strived to be innovative in their approach. Not only does Reality have a quality roster of international artists such as GODHEAD, WARRIOR, KROKUS and MARCY PLAYGROUND, among others, but also signs hot up and comers from around the world. To that end, Reality Entertainment launched the Harsh Reality Tour this year which, in conjunction with Metal Edge magazine and Epiphone Guitars, gives their emerging artists a unique opportunity to tour nationally in order to promote their releases. Harsh Reality 2004 featured SYBREED (Switzerland),LYZANXIA (France),FREAKHOUSE (Los Angeles) and SLAVE MACHINE (North Carolina).

Reality has successfully partnered with many significant companies including Sony, Nuclear Blast, Edel and JVC amoung others. "We have no limitations and actively seek exciting opportunities to collaborate with other forward thinking companies in the industry," adds Croyle.

The first online only release for Reality will be the re-release of the WARRIOR debut "Fighting For The Earth" — a metal classic. This release will also mark the launch of Dark Lord Records, a new Reality imprint.

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