RECKLESS LOVE: New Audio Interview Posted Online

June 4, 2013

GetYourRockOut recently conducted an interview with RECKLESS LOVE, the flamboyant Finnish rockers who burst spectacularly onto the U.K. scene in 2010. You can now listen to the chat in the YouTube clip below.

RECKLESS LOVE in April released their brand new single/video, "Night On Fire", via Spinefarm Records. The song is taken from their upcoming third studio album (title yet to be revealed),which sees the four pushing their signature blend of sleaze-rock riffs and huge commercial choruses to even greater heights…

Frontman Olli Herman says: "'Night On Fire' is the pure essence of RECKLESS LOVE; a deceitfully catchy tune with an awesome big sing-along chorus and a fierce guitar solo. It embodies all of our biggest '80s influences from KISS and VAN HALEN to DEF LEPPARD and EUROPE. 'Night On Fire' also has this exotic Shakira-esque groove to it, which'll make you dance, or if dancing ain't your cup of tea, nod your head until you break your neck!"

The video for "Night On Fire" was shot over consecutive nights in the Canary Islands following a full week in Las Palmas, "lazying around, taking it easy, enjoying cold beer and hot weather," according to Olli.

Production credits include award-winning film director Marko Mäkilaakso (known for both his music videos and his feature-length films, such as "Deadly Descent", "War Of The Dead"),cinematographer Juge Heikkilä and producer Teemu Virta for Twisted Films Inc.

Olli continues: "We all have active and vivid imaginations, but we wanted to keep things pretty simple for the video — we're portrayed as a demonic product of Baron Samedi, a spirit god of Haitian Voodoo. This is the 'dark side' of RECKLESS LOVE... hahaha (evil, yet sarcastic laugh)…"

RECKLESS LOVE's second album, "Animal Attraction", was released in October 2011 in Finland via Universal Music.

RECKLESS LOVE plays exceptionally good rock n' roll. With its rousing and joyful attitude, the band offers a true alternative for today's rock scene where everything seems too dull, dark and serious. RECKLESS LOVE's formula is simple; big hard rock just for the fun of it!

The band was founded in 2001 and started to gradually gain underground reputation as an energetic live act. Eight years of small-scale touring, two lineup changes and four demos later, the group finally took its current form and found its own recognizable sound.

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