Reunited GODFLESH Working On New Material

December 4, 2010

Justin Broadrick of seminal post-punk/industrial behemoths GODFLESH has confirmed to Decibel magazine that the band is slowly putting together ideas for a new studio album. "It's something we're discussing all the time, and I do have bits and pieces of material," he said. "But it's something we'd really like to develop. It'd be quite easy to knock out eight to 10 in-character songs and release it as quickly as possible to capitalize on the popularity of the group, but it would feel entirely wrong. If it's another two years until another GODFLESH record, so be it. The most important thing is making a record that stands up with the rest of the back catalogue. I do have this in me again, though."

When asked how GODFLESH's performance at this year's Supersonic Festival, which was held on October 22-24 in Birmingham, England, compared to the band's first reunion gig, which happened four months earlier at France's Hellfest, Justin said, "It's just a different world, a different planet. It wasn't about preparation, because we were well-prepared for Hellfest. I think it was just because the Hellfest thing went so wrong, with a generator blowing up and not having a backup, which mucked up the whole schedule. We were supposed to have an hour's line check behind the stage — not a few minutes onstage in front of everyone who was waiting for us to get on with it. So many things were wrong when we hit the stage — it was strange, because Hellfest really is an admirable organization. It just fell to pieces, though, and so did we because it was the first GODFLESH show in 10 years or whatever. But Supersonic was really amazing — that was how it should have been. After the show, both Ben [Green] and I said was one of the top 10 GODFLESH shows we'd ever done. We performed really well; the sound was great, the visuals worked out perfectly. We could tell it was appreciated as well. You barely see a mosh pit at shows anymore, and there was a huge mosh pit. There was just a lot of energy. It was our dream GODFLESH show, in a way."

Quality multi-camera video footage of GODFLESH's performance at this year's Supersonic Festival can be viewed below.

GODFLESH will perform its seminal debut full-length album, 1989's "Streetcleaner", in its entirety at the 2011 edition of the Roadburn festival on Thursday, April 14 at the 013 venue in Tilburg, Holland. In addition, founding members Justin Broadrick and Benny Green will play the "Tiny Tears" EP, which was conceived as part of the overall "Streetcleaner" vision, in full as well.

"Streetcleaner" was remastered and reissued in a deluxe digipak in Europe on June 21 and in North America on August 10 via Earache Records.

"Streetcleaner" was GODFLESH's second release, proving to be one of the band's finest and most recognized albums and helping them to become one of the most influential industrial bands ever. Now "Streetcleaner" was brought up to date as a special expanded version, with all tracks remastered by GODFLESH founding member Justin Broadrick. The album also includes a bonus disc featuring 12 previously unreleased live tracks, alternate mixes and demos, and comes housed in a deluxe multi-panel digipak with detailed liner notes.

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