December 16, 2002

REVENGE OF THE TRIADS, the project featuring Jason Slater (SNAKE RIVER CONSPIRACY),Charlie Clouser (NINE INCH NAILS),Troy Van Leeuwen (A PERFECT CIRCLE),and Eddie Nappi (HANDSOME),has officially disbanded.

The group, who were working on their debut album at the time of their split, were signed to "a bullshit record label called LMC Records [based out of San Diego, California]," Slater said. "[To make a] long story short, they didn't pay us what they were supposed to, and were fuckin' around with the project, so we all just moved on and started working on other things. Who knows what will happen with the music?! It may eventually turn up somewhere. All in all, it wasn't a bad experience. I was having a shit year and hanging out with Troy and working on music got me through it. And Charlie ended up being a good friend, so in the end it was still a good experience. It would have been nice to finish [the album], though."

In other news, Slater recently addressed via SNAKE RIVER CONSPIRACY's official forum accusations made by an ORGY fan that SRC drummer Bobby Hewitt was a "traitor" for leaving ORGY and linking up with Slater and co. in the currently unsigned group.

"I think comparing SRC to ORGY is like comparing apples and oranges, and I'm sure Bobby will reply to this himself, but I'd like to get my 2 cents in," Jason wrote. "Bobby's statement [regarding his departure from ORGY] is honestly how he feels, he's a grown fuckin' man and decides to do what is best for him and his family, there is no reason for him to bullshit about that. SRC or no SRC, Bobby is a great drummer. ORGY didnt make him a great drummer, the mutherfucker could be playing with K.C. AND THE fuckin' SUNSHINE BAND and still be a great drummer —the band he's in is irrelevant. I know there are tons of ORGY fans that are going to come to [the SRC] site, but I think calling Bobby a traitor is fucking ridiculous. Everybody in ORGY are doing what they want to do right now and Bobby is no more a traitor than anyone else in that band. If you are TRULY an ORGY fan you should be supportive of what the members of that band do as their careers progress instead of slinging mud. It would have been easier to erase your post before it hit the bulletin board than to respond to it, but I think it is important that everyone has an opportunity to voice their opinion, whether I agree with it or not. More importantly, Bobby is my friend and my bandmate, and I will hunt down and rip the fucking heart out of anyone that badmouths him... I'm joking... sort of."

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