Review: 5,000 Cram Haskins Center For IRON MAIDEN

August 19, 2003

Victor R. Martinez of El Paso Times reports that "it was a great night to be a metal head Monday (August 18) at the Don Haskins Center, where MOTÖRHEAD, DIO and the metal powerhouse IRON MAIDEN gave more than 5,000 fans vintage performances complete with guitar and drum solos and a lot of loud music.

"The crowd, made up of mostly dudes in tight pants and black T-shirts, were appreciative from the outset of this metal onslaught.

"MOTÖRHEAD prepared the audience well with its 45-minute, 10-song set. 'Ramones', a tribute to the punk band that laid the foundation for the scene, and 'Ace of Spades' were the crowd favorites.

"Ronnie James Dio, one of the greatest vocalists in heavy metal, almost stole the night away from IRON MAIDEN with his 55-minute, 10-song set. Along with his favorites 'The Last in Line', 'Rainbow in the Dark' and 'Holy Diver', Dio excelled in 'Stargazer' and two songs from his BLACK SABBATH days, 'Mob Rules' and 'Heaven and Hell'.

"He appeared to be having a great time on stage, stretching over to shake hands and high-five the fans.

"But IRON MAIDEN and its lead singer Bruce Dickinson showed it has not lost a step in their more than 25 years of music. The six-piece band pounded out a 90-minute, 15-song set, still sounding tight and showing the energy of a young band, not lads pushing 50." Read more (photos and setlists included).

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