Review: AEROSMITH Trumps KISS In A Battle Of '70s Bands

September 14, 2003

Sean Piccoli of South Florida's Sun-Sentinel reports that "AEROSMITH and KISS, rock bands formed in the 1970s, both had something saved up for a boisterous double bill on Friday night [September 12] at Sound Advice Amphitheatre west of West Palm Beach.

"The anti-aging potions reserved to rock stars appear to be working better, on balance, for AEROSMITH than for KISS. But then, KISS — with its B-movie costumes, makeup and controlled explosions — always was a large, tottering Rube Goldberg assembly even at its most, uh, composed. Original members Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss had the hooks, the shtick and the crudely ingenious bombast to cover for their shortcomings as players.

"The absence of lead guitarist Frehley — replaced on this tour by one Tommy Thayer — was a blow to old-time's-sake sentiment, at most. It is likely that someday Simmons, Stanley and the oft-replaced Criss will step aside permanently for understudies, and wave as the machine grinds on.

"But not just yet. KISS opened, thankfully. Had that band followed AEROSMITH's taut, energized show, the KISS rock circus might have looked more comical than intended. As is, KISS was just good enough to be AEROSMITH's warmup." Read more.

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