Review: DEF LEPPARD Does The Time Warp

August 16, 2003

Jeff Miers of The Buffalo News reviewed DEF LEPPARD's show at the Erie County Fair on Wednesday night (August 13). "It was like watching 'The Breakfast Club' for the 43rd time. You knew exactly what was going to happen, but you loved it anyway," he wrote.

"Since the majority of the audience, by all appearances, had come to relive its glory years — those high school days when all that mattered was who was dating whom and whether or not Dad would let you use the car Friday night for the football game and party — it seemed fitting that the security force treated all in attendance like high school kids. A cigarette was as forbidden beneath the open sky as it was in Mom and Dad's house, back in the day. Because, by all appearances, most of the crowd was trying to smoke, this was amusing to behold.

"The band, sounding as good as it did in its heyday, opened with the two strongest and least cheesy numbers of the night. In the early '80s, 'Let It Go' led off 'High and Dry' and made one not feel a bit fey for liking DEF LEPPARD. 'Rock Till You Drop' was the only song from 'Pyromania' that any self-respecting metalhead, circa late '80s, would be caught dead admitting a love for. The band performed both with fire and passion." Read more.

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