Review: IRON MAIDEN Break The Sound Barrier

December 9, 2003

The Evening Times is reporting that heavy metal veterans IRON MAIDEN rocked the SECC in Glasgow so hard Monday night (Dec. 8) they blew the sound system in an awe-inspiring set that delivered a full-on dose of rock theatrics.

The audience in the packed auditorium was so eager to get close to their heroes that there was a small crowd-crush at the front of the stage, causing frontman Bruce Dickinson to stop the set only two songs in, urging the crowd to take two steps back so that the people who had fallen could get up again.

"We want to be taking people out of here tonight happy — we don't want to be taking them out in body-bags," he cautioned.

After a short breather, the band launched back with "Can I Play With Madness", Dickinson star-jumping and leaping around the set, with a boundless energy that would leave young pretenders THE DARKNESS breathless.

The gig almost came to a premature end when, after a thunderous intro with bombshells exploding and a storm of light and smoke, the band launched into extra-heavy riffs and the sound immediately cut dead. Read more.

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