ROB ZOMBIE Says New Album Will Contain His Best Material Ever

December 11, 2005

Rob Zombie recently told Revolver magazine that he has returned to the recording studio to resume work on his new album, tentatively due in March 2006 via Geffen Records. What follows is a brief question-and-answer session with Zombie conducted by Revolver:

Revolver: Before Ozzfest, you worked on songs with LIMP BIZKIT guitarist Wes Borland, Tommy Lee, and A PERFECT CIRCLE drummer Josh Freese. Will that stuff be on the record?

Rob Zombie: "All that stuff is still there, but now I've also jammed with [ex-MARILYN MANSON guitarist] John 5, [my old bassist] Blasko, and Tommy Clufetos, the drummer I had on Ozzfest. We wrote over 25 songs, but when it gets whittled down to 12 songs, we'll see who's left standing."

Revolver: How will this compare to your other albums?

Rob Zombie: "It's not really industrial at all, but there wasn't much of that on the last record either. One of the songs is by far the heaviest song I've ever done, and there are others that are the mellowest I've ever done."

Revolver: It must be hard to switch your brain back and forth between movies and music.

Rob Zombie: "It's been a strange process, but it's also been great. The new guys I'm playing with are so cool and so easy to deal with. I've been doing this for 20 years, and this is the funnest and easiest it's ever been. And because of that, I feel like this will be some of my best stuff ever."

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