Rock Legend TED NUGENT Tells Arkansas Teens To Scratch Drug Use

September 30, 2003

Misty Hale of The Courier News reports that rocker Ted Nugent used biting quotes and edgy humor to pound his message into the brains of about 500 Arkansas-area teenagers Monday afternoon (September 29). Excuses are for wimps, drugs are for puking hillbilly hippies, and hunting is the most blessed activity ever granted to mankind.

The singer-slash-outdoor mogul shared stories from his drug-free past with students from about 20 high schools gathered at Arkansas Tech University's Tucker Coliseum. He was the featured speaker in a day-long event put on by the Prosecuting Attorneys' offices from the Fifth, 20th and 15th Judicial districts.

The Fifth Judicial District includes Pope, Johnson and Franklin counties. The 15th Judicial District includes Yell and Conway counties.

The "Cat Scratch Fever" singer spared no punches in telling teens the realities and consequences of drug use, from making fun of Ozzy Osbourne to calling drug users terrorists.

"If you take drugs, sell drugs or know someone who does and you don't do anything about it, you're a worse terrorist than the ones we're fighting," Nugent said.

He told kids to "American-up" and do their duty to curb drug abuse by turning in those who use and sell drugs.

"When people take drugs, they're stabbing you in the back," Nugent said. He claimed 30 percent of the tax dollars spent in the U.S. go toward drug-related causes, whether through housing prisoners or drug prevention.

Teens should turn users in "and get those punks out of our community," he said.

He talked about his ongoing career in the music business and the lives he saw wasted on drug abuse. He recalled one occasion when he was playing with Jimi Hendrix, who was so stoned he had unpleasant articles coming out of his nose. Nugent also talked about Jerry Garcia and several other fabled rockers.

Those same people used to make fun of him when he refused to take drugs or drink alcohol.

"They're all dead. ... How retarded do you have to be to step over all those dead carcasses with needles in their arms and say, 'Hey, I think I'll try that?'" he asked. "Didn't you get the press release? Heroin — not good for you."

Nugent talked about Osbourne in particular, drawing hoots and laughter from the teens as he did impressions.

"I remember when he could walk, when he could talk. ... He'd love to dance again. He'd love to form a coherent sentence," Nugent said. Read more.

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