'Rock Stars On God': METALLICA, GODSMACK Among Artists Challenged On Faith In New Book

May 11, 2004

Doug Van Pelt, the founder and editor of HM, a 15-year-old Christian hard music magazine, has just published "Rock Stars on God", a collection of interviews featured in the "What So & So Sez" section of the magazine. Described as a "fly on the wall," inside perspective on a frank and open discussion of spiritual matters, all transcribed faithfully and word-for-word, "Rock Stars on God" is said to "offer a raw and controversial look at how influential members of the music community view the person of Jesus, Christianity and Christians."

Artists interviewed range from RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE to Jesse Camp, a former MTV vee-jay, to METALLICA and GODSMACK. Van Pelt covers a vast array of topics, including those that most journalists don't dare tackle. He asks questions like, How do you feel about Jesus Christ? What is your philosophy on life? If you die today, what happens? Such questions garnered responses like, "I don't have any respect for weak philosophies, such as, like, Christianity. All of my beliefs are rooted in science. If I can't see it, or if I can't touch it, or if I don't have proof, it does not exist," from Peter Steele of TYPE O NEGATIVE.

In his foreword, STRYPER frontman Michael Sweet wrote, "Through his interviews Doug has always been able to bring out the best in people. He gets them to explore areas, topics and thoughts that are often uncharted waters in the world of rock star interviews. People open up to Doug, as displayed in these pages."

For more information, visit www.relevantbooks.com.

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