RON KEEL Discusses Possibility Of KEEL Reunion; Audio Available

May 20, 2007

Ron Keel, hot on the heels of his new 30-song release "The Ultimate Collection", checked in with Hardrock Haven to discuss what the new CD means to him on a personal level; how his move from Nashville to Las Vegas has energized his entertainment career; how the diversity of his recording career may have limited his chances at "stardom;" what the likelihood of a KEEL reunion and new studio release is; and a whole lot more. An excerpt from the interview follows:

Hardrock Haven: What runs through your mind when you listen to an older track like "Cold Day in Hell"? Does it feel like this just happened yesterday, or does it feel like another lifetime ago?

Keel: It really feels like someone else's life that I saw a movie of. I've lived my life at a pretty frenetic pace. I cram three days into 24 hours. I don't know any other way to live. Every week feels like three weeks long. People say, 'Wow, that year went by quick,' and to me, it feels like New Year's Eve was three years ago. That STEELER track is from 1981 … 26 years ago. So that's like 72 years ago, hahaha … anyway, it seems like someone else's life. The first time you hear these songs, like that lust track ('Hooker'),it was only released on vinyl, never on CD, and I never had it digitally transferred. I never wanted to hear it because I thought it sucked. Listening to it now, it's cool, I have perspective on my life, I'm not ashamed of it. It is what it is, a testament of my voice at that time in history. I literally haven't listened to it since I heard it on the radio in 1982. So you are looking at 25 years since I've even heard this track … it really does all feel like I'm watching a movie of someone else's life, and it's kind of hard to believe I'm the star of that movie."

To stream the 21-minute interview in its entirety, go to this location.

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