October 2, 2007

A video clip of legendary heavy metal vocalist Ronnie James Dio (DIO, BLACK SABBATH, RAINBOW, HEAVEN AND HELL) apparently calling ex-DIO and current DEF LEPPARD guitarist Vivian Campbell "a fucking asshole" and saying that "I hope he fucking dies" in reference to his former bandmate can be viewed below (video courtesy of celebrity-signing on eBay). The two-minute clip was shot on March 30, 2007 while Ronnie was signing autographs for fans after HEAVEN AND HELL's show at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

On the audio recording one fan can be heard telling Ronnie, "I saw Vivian Campbell about a year ago…" before Dio cuts him off by saying, "Oh, you poor son of a bitch. I hope he fucking dies. He's a fucking asshole." The same fan can then be heard telling Dio that "he [Vivian] said he wants to play [the RAINBOW classic] 'Man on a Silver Mountain' again" before another fan states, "I bet he wants to get back together." Shaking his head, Ronnie can be heard saying dismissively, "He's got two fucking chances. He's a piece of shit. You ever heard the things he ever said about me? He called me the most despicable human being that ever lived. I went, 'I thought I gave you a chance and made you somebody. And now you're playing with who? DEF fucking who?' There's a fucking rock band for you to fucking have diarrhea with."

(Thanks: celebrity-signing)

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