RONNIE JAMES DIO: OZZY Deserves Better Than His Portrayal In "THE OSBOURNES"

June 27, 2002

Former BLACK SABBATH frontman Ronnie James Dio does not appear to be amused by the portrayal of Ozzy Osbourne, his predecessor in the aforementioned band, in the hit MTV show The Osbournes.

When asked by The Fox about Osbourne's TV series, Dio stated, "Well I see it in passing. As I channel surf I see it. I go, 'Oh, next. Thank you very much.' And it's because I don't know Ozzy that way. I've never known him that way.

"To me the brief little moments I've seen it seems they've opened him up like a can of tuna fish and just went, 'Here you go. Ooh, you like this lovable loser, do you?' That's not the way I envision Ozzy. Ozzy is one of the guys who helped create heavy metal music with (BLACK SABBATH's) Tony (Iommi) and Geezer (Butler) and Bill (Ward) and to see that...I mean, good for him and his success if he wants to do that, that's fine. But I prefer to have my own vision of the people I respected for whatever reason I respected them for. So, I don't want to sit there and see the man stumble through life. I don't want to see that. I think he's better than that."

Dio added, "I don't get the same vicarious pleasure as other people do." He also referred to it as the "X-games of reality shows to me. It's kind of going to that part of life, almost like a Jerry Springer kind of thing, where people want to see others stumbling around all the time and swearing all the time because they don't do that at home probably and these people can do that."

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