RONNIE JAMES DIO Says His Current Band Is Like 'A Great Family'

November 21, 2004

Ronnie James Dio recently spoke to about DIO's latest album, "Masters of the Moon" and the group's current lineup, among other topics. An excerpt from the interview follows: You have Craig Goldy back with you for this album, how much did he contribute to the new CD?

Ronnie James Dio: "An Immense amount, we really write well together. He really interprets what I want very well, he is a great guitarist. He was a fan of the band long before he ever played in the band and that was the common music that we love. To write with him is an easy journey because he knows what I want out of writing. Without him life would be very difficult. This is a great family, everybody is a good person and I think this is the way it is supposed to be, everybody cares about the music and each other. There is no backstabbing, no bitching, no moaning, there is nothing worse that being on the road for four or five months having someone in the corner griping. If you do not like the way things are, then go away, if you want to say something about it, speak up." To go off track for a moment, were those comments above made in reference to some comments made by [former bassist] Jimmy Bain in reference to being in DIO?

Ronnie James Dio: "You know, I do not read comments that he or [former guitarist] Vivian Campbell, who apparently has made nasty comments about me, say about me. My goal in life is to take the high road. There have been many times, whether it was RAINBOW, SABBATH or DIO, that I could have gone off on tirades about people that have left, said what horrible people they are. I am not ashamed or guilty about things I have done in my life. The people that are continually bitching and moaning are those who are doing nothing at the time anyway and have nothing better to do than bitch and moan. I myself have not been in bands before, whether it was being fired or leaving because it was time to go. My life just carries on because I would do better in another band or a different group of musicians and that’s what they should do too. As far as the comments go, people have to decide what is true or not true, I can only give my side and I have never screwed anybody." I just saw those comments and just made me wonder because I have never heard anybody else complain about the band, I did not get it.

Ronnie James Dio: "I do not get it either, it is a question maybe you should ask Jimmy. It has nothing to do with that anymore. It disappoints me that every time they turn around they are saying it is my fault that something happened. You had every opportunity to be in this band, you are the one who chose not to be here, not me. It was not my decision, I did not fire Jimmy, It is up to Jimmy to say whatever he wants to say and I think that they just really end up burying themselves under all of that stuff that they say."

Read Ronnie James Dio's entire interview with at this location.

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