ROTTING CHRIST: 'Enuma Elish' Video Posted Online

July 16, 2007

ROTTING CHRIST's video for the song "Enuma Elish" has been posted on YouTube. The track comes off the Greek extreme metallers' latest album, "Theogonia", which came out in January via Season of Mist.

"Theogonia" was recorded at SCA Studios in Greece with bandleader Sakis Tolis handling the production and mixing and mastering duties. According to a press release, "the 10 new tracks see the band going back to their darker, more savage and faster musical roots and attitude, adopting an ancient Greek as well as ethnic presentation by inclusion of a large choir singing in the ancient Greek language throughout the album as well as the use of bizarre oriental samples and walls of keyboards."

As previously reported, ROTTING CHRIST and IMMOLATION are rumored to be teaming up for a four-act North American tour in February 2008. Exact cities and dates, as well as the remaining pieces of the package, will be announced in the coming months.

Video footage of ROTTING CHRIST performing in Bucharest, Romania on April 11, 2007 has been posted online at A 10-minute video interview with ROTTING CHRIST can be viewed at this location. has also uploaded a gallery more than 200 photos from ROTTING CHRIST's concert in Bucharest. Check it out at this location.

ROTTING CHRIST mainman Sakis Tolis recently told that the group's previously announced live album — which was recorded more than a year ago — will finally see the light of day before the end of 2007. The pioneers of the Greek metal scene put on two special two-hour shows featuring songs covering their entire catalog. These live concerts were held on February 3-4, 2006 at Blive Music House in Larissa, Greece and were the only shows to be recorded for the upcoming CD. The gigs marked the band's 18 years in the metal scene and fans from around the world were in attendance. The band also played a very special concert consisting exclusively of material from their first three albums — "Passage To Arcturo" (1989),"Thy Mighty Contract" (1992) and "Non Serviam" (1994) — on January 14, 2006 at An Club in Athens, Greece.

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