ROTTING CHRIST Mainman Comments On Upcoming DVD

March 3, 2008

Dimitris Kontogeorgakos of the Metal Temple webzine recently conducted an interview with mainman Sakis Tolis of the Greek extreme metallers ROTTING CHRIST. A few excerpts from the chat follow:

Metal Temple: You have a really long and if I may add a "tough" program ahead; have you thought about it?

Sakis: Yes, we have in total 28 concerts to do and this is the 10th I think and you bet it's tiring. It's a big country and thus you have to travel a lot from one place to the other. You know that for "Theogonia" we have done more than 120 concerts. so it's kind of tough.

Metal Temple: You have also booked some Latin American dates, I think. I wonder how are the metalheads there?

Sakis: We will go there in May and let me tell you this; the Latin American audience in one the toughest. They are really die-hard fans there.

Metal Temple: How was the Athenian concert where you filmed the upcoming DVD?

Sakis: It was something amazing! We had 1500 fans who knew all the songs and were singing with us. I am really happy about the result of this concert.

Metal Temple: When can we expect the release of this DVD?

Sakis: Actually, we have done absolutely nothing about it! After the U.S. tour we will start working on it. I think that we will probably release it on September.

Metal Temple: Last time we talked you said that you were thinking about having Greek lyrics and what will be the result.

Sakis: (interrupting) I wanted to do something really different. Nowadays the bands tend to have the same sound, they are walking towards the same direction without have their own personality. So, I thought why I don't do something Greek without having any intentions to act like a nationalist zealot.

Metal Temple: I know what you mean. So, have you written anything new?

Sakis: No. I have absolutely nothing. The truth is that I do not write music when I am on tour. I have to sit in the studio completely alone and think what I want to do and then start writing music.

Metal Temple: Do you believe that ROTTING CHRIST have the place in the metal scene that they deserve?

Sakis: Tough one. ROTTING CHRIST could have done more or less. You cannot be objective about this. Well, if you think that we come from a small country then you can say that we have accomplished something. I am satisfied because you know that we started playing in small venues for free where we felt a kind of a racism because we were from Greece that was nothing in the metal map.

Read the entire interview at's interview with Sakis Tolis can be viewed below.

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