ROTTREVORE: Classic Album To Be Reissued

May 30, 2009

16 years after its original release, the only and ultra-mega-classic album by Pennsylvania's ROTTREVORE, "Iniquitous", will be reissued by Xtreem Music. Originally made available in late 1993 by Drowned Productions, only 1,000 copies of the LP were pressed before the label's demise and change of name to Repulse Records (pre-Xtreem Music). The album remained buried and forgotten throughout the years, slowly gaining true cult status and regularly selling for between 80 and 150 euros on eBay. A bootleg version of the album on 12" LP vinyl also surfaced.

"Iniquitous" will be properly reissued on July 1 on both CD and 12" LP format. This new version will be remastered and contain three live bonus tracks from 1992. For this, the band's guitarist/vocalist, Mark Mastro, who was also responsible of the album's cover art, provided the original version of the painting to ensure that the highest quality will be available in every format (CD/LP/shirt).

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