RUSH's 'Starman' Takes Center Stage In 'Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock' Quest Play Mode

September 30, 2010

According to, the members of RUSH worked on the "2112" game sequence for "Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock", helping create in-game venues based on scenes from the liner notes of their original album.

The band gave suggestions for imagery and recorded voice-overs for the scenes, said Brian Bright, "Warriors of Rock" project leader for game creator Neversoft. He said the story of "2112" parallels the story in the game.

"The songs tell the story of a man who discovers a guitar, something he has never been exposed to, as the world he lives in is very Orwellian and controlling," Bright said. "In the game, the player is in search of the Demi-God's legendary guitar as it is the source of his power."

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