S.O.D. Frontman Issues Statement Regarding ANTHRAX Behind The Music Special

March 19, 2002

S.O.D./M.O.D. frontman Billy Milano has asked BLABBERMOUTH.NET to post his personal statement in response to the ANTHRAXBehind The Music special, which premiered on VH1 on March 10th. Milano's statement reads as follows:

If you aren't aware of who I am, or my screen name [email protected], then allow me to make a brief introduction. I am the frontman/singer of S.O.D./ M.O.D. My name is Billy Milano and I am absolutely and utterly disgusted with [ANTHRAX guitarist] Scott Ian & [ANTHRAX drummer] Charlie Benante. To not mention [former ANTHRAX and current S.O.D. bassist Danny] Lilker, myself or S.O.D. on their Behind The Music show is not only ridiculous, it is selfish and absurd. For 2 years now, the S.O.D. web page, put up by Charlie and Scott, was ATTACHED to [ANTHRAX's] site. Charlie's lame excuse for not having me, Lilker or S.O.D. on VH1 was, we [S.O.D.] have no relevance to ANTHRAX. THEN WHY THE HELL WAS IT ATTACHED TO YOUR WEBSITE FOR 2 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had it taken down for lack of relevance! Well, I can accept a bitch move like this from Charlie (after all he was raised by women) but from Scott! I can't believe he is trying to sell the whole world that S.O.D. has no relevance. It's obvious they have no ability to give anyone other than themselves credit, after all S.O.D. was and always will be fueled by integrity unlike ANTHRAX. Just ask Danny Lilker! Founding member and the person who thought up the name ANTHRAX. For Christ's sake, they didn't even mention he played on the record Fistful Of Metal!!!! Dimebag Ian and Charlene Benante got a wake up call coming. I have been, and always will be, outspoken to the point that people will question my motives. But understand I have always spoken my mind and will always put my beliefs and opinions ahead of my career and the industry. But in all my life, and I swear on the blood of my family and all I adore, I have never turned my back on a friend! What Scott and Charlie did and said has ripped my heart out. They have made me realize they are not my friends. I won't be friends with anyone who doesn't understand the core fundamentals to the word 'friend'. Loyalty-Honor-Integrity-Faith-Compassion-Understanding These qualities equal the greater whole! They equal friend. Something they are no longer to me. Much respect to Lilker. Scott and Charlie can kiss my hairy Italian ass! Let the war begin. Operation Milano Mosh!!!!

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