S-TOOL Feat. Former SENTENCED Frontman VILLE LAIHIALA: 'Exitus' Album Due In April

March 12, 2020

"St. Bastard", the new single from S-TOOL — the band led by Ville Laihiala, formerly of SENTENCED and POISONBLACK — was released on March 6. The song is taken from S-TOOL's upcoming album, "Exitus", which will be made available on April 4 via Playground Music.

Laihiala says: "'St Bastard' tells of an arrogant oxygen seeker, who deprives, consumes, cries and complains. So, this song is about a self-loathing narcissist. A cancer with an ego." The same nihilism is released throughout "Exitus", which will be released on CD, LP and cassette.

S-TOOL released its debut album, "Tolerance 0", in 2017. The disc received a fine reception in Finland, and the song "Hammering" was a constant on the Finnish radio airwaves. The album was also released in the rest of Europe and Japan, where the record went to the top of the digital charts.

In addition to Laihiala, S-TOOL consist of guitarist Sami Leppikangas and bassist Kimmo Hiltunen — both pf whom were in LULLACRY — and drummer Aksu Hanttu, who has previously played with ENTWINE.

S-TOOL's name is an abbreviation of the heavy construction drill "Severing Tool."

Known for its hard-hitting live shows, S-TOOL will launch an extensive tour this spring, starting at the end of March in Hyvinkää.

Photo credit: Jani Mahkonen

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