SALEM's 'Live Demise' Is The Top-Selling Metal DVD In Israel

January 6, 2005

SALEM's "Live Demise" is the top-selling metal DVD in Israel, according to a chart compiled by the country's biggest metal distributor, Raven Music (which is responsible for 23 metal labels, such as Century Media, Osmose, Napalm, AFM, as well as the licensing of the latest NIGHTWISH album "Once" and other well-known metal acts).

According to the chart posted at, "Live Demise" has occupied the top position for the past three weeks. Other bands featured on the chart include BLIND GUARDIAN, DRACONIAN, AFTER FOREVER and AT THE GATES.

"Live Demise" features a full-length concert filmed on July 9, 2003 at Barbie in Tel Aviv (presented in 5.1, 2.0 and DTS mixes),seven promotional videos ("Act of War", "Al Taster", "Broken yet United", "Fear of the Future", "Ha'ayara Bo'eret", "Masquerade in Claustrophobia" and "Slave"),"making of" footage of both "Collective Demise" and "Live Demise", various outtakes, and a 12-page, full-color booklet.

SALEM's most recent CD, "Collective Demise", was released in September 2002 via Germany's KMG/System Shock Records.

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