SAMMY HAGAR: 'EDDIE VAN HALEN Will Never See Me Again Unless He Gets Some Help'

April 18, 2006

Sammy Hagar recently spoke to about his upcoming "Livin' it Up" tour, which will include an appearance by THE OTHER HALF, also featuring VAN HALEN bassist Michael Anthony.

"We're really having fun with stuff and after the last VAN HALEN reunion, it doesn't feel much like that may ever happen again for all kinds of reasons," Hagar told "But I just think I need to play those songs, the fans need to hear those songs and it's just unfair to let it sit and die."

With regards to the possibility of further VAN HALEN activities in the future, Hagar said, "There were some real problems in the band [on the reunion tour]. I have to tell you, there were nights I didn't know what song Eddie [Van Halen] was playing. There were times I wanted to kill that guy for what he was playing. I would have left that tour in the middle of it if it wasn't for the professional aspect. He's never going to see my ass again unless he goes and gets himself some help."

On the topic of his next studio album, dubbed "Livin' It Up", the 58-year-old artist said he's shopping it to labels. However, fans will hear about a half-dozen of the songs on the 36-date tour, which begins May 5 in Lake Tahoe, Nev.

"'Livin' it Up' is really a lifestyle record," Hagar told "It's not a metal record at all. I would say it's more American country rock than heavy metal rock, which is the type of music I've always played from MONTROSE through VAN HALEN. My intention was to just make a real honest record."


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