July 11, 2002

Former VAN HALEN frontman Sammy Hagar revealed several interesting items about VAN HALEN's comeback plans during a recent interview with reporter Patrick Berkery of the Philadelphia Inquirer. Among the revelations that are due to be detailed in the article—which is set to be published on August 16th—are the following:

**VAN HALEN is over for good, according to Sam. VAN HALEN bassist Michael Anthony (who's been showing up at a lot of Hagar's recent tour dates) hasn't spoken with the VH brothers since February and they haven't recorded any music, discussed a singer or anything of the sort since last year. Drummer Alex Van Halen sits on the Internet all day (and smokes),while Eddie Van Halen sits in his house and does nothing all day (and smokes). The way Sam sees it, no label, no management, no singer=no band.

**The recent David Lee Roth/VAN HALEN reconciliation rumors: Dave was indeed writing and recording with the band circa 2000. Very quietly, things were broken off because, according to Sammy (according to Michael Anthony),Dave's voice was pretty shot and Eddie was growing incredibly frustrated. Eddie was very intent on writing "radio-friendly" rock, and Dave was into his usual "non sequitur" rock, says Sam. Hence, Dave's proposal to Sammy (again, according to Sammy) to do this tour.

**Dave Lee Roth has taken seven bodyguards with him on his current tour with Hagar.

**VH, Roth and Sammy were offered $50 million to do two shows in Las Vegas in 2001—big pay-per-view deal, the whole shebang. Sammy says they all turned it down immediately except Roth. He also says a whole tour with all parties was also proposed by the same person (a Las Vegas businessman) for dollars that would make your eyes pop out.

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