SATYRICON: No European Tour Until January

November 8, 2002

Norway's SATYRICON have abandoned plans to tour continental Europe at the end of this year and are currently planning on launching a full Euro trek in January/February. "We wanted to do the tour this year, but it proved itself impossible as the booking agent in charge was not capable of setting up a proper tour that was acceptable to the band, record company and tour manager," the band said in an official statement. "This new tour over the new year will be a MUCH better one for the benefit of our fans, record company and SATYRICON. Dates will be published as they come in."

In other news, a clip of SATYRICON's "Mother North" video from 1996 is featured in Swedish video director Jonas Ã…kerlund's upcoming movie "Spun", which is scheduled to be shown at Oslo International Film Festival. Starring Mickey Rourke, "Spun" is "an American 'Trainspotting', set in Eugene, Oregon," and tells the story of "a young speed freak who is introduced by his dealer to the creator of his favorite drug, which leads to a three-day, drugged-out adventure," according to Hollywood Reporter. The cast also includes Alexis Arquette, Jason Schwartzman, Deborah Harry, and Patrick Fugit. Ã…kerlund has previously directed promo videos for some of music's biggest names, including MADONNA and METALLICA, and has more than 250 filmmaking credits, spanning ten years, to his name.

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