SATYRICON To Record Stockholm Show For Future Broadcast

October 10, 2002

SATYRICON's October 15th performance in Stockholm, Sweden will be recorded by Swedish National Radio SR P3 for future broadcast.

In other news, the band posted the following update on their ongoing Scandinavian tour via their official web site at

"The opening show in Tromsø was a real blast! What a fantastic crowd. Probably the best we have had in Norway. It was important to get a good start. Bodø was good, but not as good as Tromsø. We had Hank Von Helvete from TURBONEGRO with us on stage doing 'Havoc Vulture' and that really stirred things up. Climax is an understatement. Haugesund had a truly passionate crowd, but there were only approx 200 of them which was a disappointment. Small city, but still. Promoters must learn to promote shows if they want to stay in business! Stavanger was good and a lot of people. The reception from the crowd was really good, but playing-wise, we were not satisfied. Nobody noticed apart from us, but we are our own worst critics. Bergen yesterday was sold out and it was nice to be there again. We played one of our best shows in a long time we felt and the crowd was into it. Ivar from ENSLAVED, Abbath from IMMORTAL, Infernus from GORGOROTH and the rest of the Bergen Black Metal pack came to see us backstage after the show. Overall it seems that the crowds in Norway are getting better and better and we can only encourage people to give a 110%. Keywords: Headbanging frenzy, sing along, chant and sweat. Sogndal today is a very open questions as it is an extremely small place! We'll see. Trondheim tomorrow will hopefully be as good as last time and the Rockefeller show is almost sold out. Approx 150 tickets out of 1350 left today. Until next time."

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