SAVATAGE Founder To Release Solo Album

August 8, 2002

SAVATAGE founder Jon Oliva has commenced work on a solo album which he hopes to release sometime next year.

"I'm working on it," Oliva told Brave Words. "I've got five songs done, but I'm going to take my time on it because I want to add a lot more stuff to it. I'll get the album finished over the Christmas holidays and release it next year, I think. I started writing for it after the last tour — as soon as I got home, I had the writing bug. I took my own money and went into the studio by myself. I played all the instruments — lead guitars and everything. The best way to describe it is heavy BEATLES meets BLACK SABBATH. It's weird. You definitely hear the BEATLES influences everywhere, and you can also hear SAVATAGE, but there's also a much heavier edge than what people are expecting."

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