SCULPTURED Announce New Drummer, Album Title

May 3, 2006

Drummer extraordinaire Dave Murray — who is best known for his work with ESTRADASPHERE, the DESERTS OF TRAUN, DAEDELUS, and the soon-to-be-released THOLUS — has agreed to join SCULPTURED for the recording of their third full-length album, entitled "Embodiment" (for The End Records). Murray's work flawlessly combines references to jazz, death/black metal, funk, fusion, klezmer, and progressive rock, thus making him perfect for the band's eclectic approach to death metal. Other musicians rounding out the recording will be AGALLOCH members Jason Walton, John Haughm, Don Anderson, and longtime vocalist Brian Yager. So far Walton and Anderson have demoed the material and have commented on its "jarring, uncomfortable, atonal riffs" but have also maintained that the band's "alien sense of melody remains very much intact." Taking their influence from the musical iconoclast and prankster Charles Ives, SCULPTURED aims to upset death metal harmony and melody. Following in the heels of rock in opposition artists Henry Cow, and "Dimension Hatross"-era VOIVOD, the band flats their fifths and sharps their sevenths for unlistenable and awkward chords. Murray will be tracking the drums in Los Angeles at the end of May while the rest of the band will finish the recording this summer with longtime engineer Ronn Chick who has worked previously with both SCULPTURED and AGALLOCH. Cover art and tracklisting will follow shortly.

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