SCUM OF THE EARTH Completing First Video

August 26, 2004

SCUM OF THE EARTH, the new band led by ROB ZOMBIE guitarist Riggs, have just begun editing the music video for their first single, "Get Your Dead On". The clip was shot over the course of a week on several locations in the Los Angeles area.

The main character in a unique horror film currently in pre-production will be the basis for this video and in an unprecedented move, the video will introduce the mythology of a villain before its appearance in a film, comic book, and video game —each scheduled for release next year, according to a press release.

From the twisted minds of reknown artists Paul Jenkins and Rob Prior comes the legend of the Shadow Walker, a violent creature that has the ability to move only within darkness. The story of its origins is based largely on the untapped early history of New Zealand.

Writer Paul Jenkins is best known for writing groundbreaking issues of the most beloved comic book characters in history. He's responsible for "Origin: The True Story of Wolverine", "Spider-Man: Return of the Goblin", "The Incredible Hulk", "Darkness:Resurrection" and "The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". Designer Rob Prior is the acknowledged master of photorealistic comic book art and has branched out into creature sculpting for shows like "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel".

After collaborating on the script for "Shadow Walker" and beginning the early stages of production in New Zealand, Jenkins and Prior decided that music video would be the ideal medium to introduce what they hope will be the breakout monster franchise of 2005.

"Get Your Dead On" comes off SCUM OF THE EARTH's full-length debut, "Blah... Blah... Blah... Love Songs for the New Millennium", due on October 26 through Eclipse Records. The album was written by Riggs with collaborative help from his friends and recorded at Belt of Orion Studios in Los Angeles. Riggs produced the record, which was mixed by Frank Gryner (ROB ZOMBIE, A PERFECT CIRCLE) and Brandon Belski (VELVET REVOLVER, STAIND, STATIC-X). Guest musicians on the album include POWERMAN 5000 guitarist Mike Tempesta, Mike's brother and ROB ZOMBIE drummer John Tempesta, SYSTEM OF A DOWN drummer John Dolmayan, and old friends, bassist Clay Campbell and drummer Seven.

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