SEBASTIAN BACH: Looking For Vinyl Version Of 'Angel Down'? Don't Hold Your Breath

March 6, 2009

The previously announced vinyl version of Sebastian Bach's "Angel Down" album, which was scheduled to see the light of day last summer, has been scrapped, and according to the singer, "there are absolutely no plans now whatsoever to release [the LP] on vinyl." In a post on his official message board, Bach wrote, "I apologize personally to anyone that paid for a record that never came out. After spending hours designing the double-gatefold album cover sleeve, doing countless interviews hyping the release of 'Angel Down' on vinyl, I was told months later that [U.K.'s] DR2 [Records] decided not to put the record out after all.

He added, "I give up trying to figure this business out, so please forward all questions regarding 'Angel Down' on vinyl to [DR2]. It was their idea to create this embarrasing situation in the first place.

"My personal apologies to all who wanted to hear me and Axl [Rose] rock out on vinyl, and to anyone out there who paid for a 'pre-order,' all I can say is, sorry, we were just joking."

In a follow-up post, Sebastian wrote, "If there are any vinyl companies out there that want to put out 'Angel Down' on vinyl , please contact my management or me. I'll do it in a heartbeat. We recorded the album in analog, so I can only imagine how it would sound on vinyl. I can only imagine is right!"

Sebastian Bach's "Angel Down" limited-edition CD/DVD package, featuring "Roadrage", a film by Sebastian Bach, was made available in the USA as an FYE exclusive at all FYE stores nationwide and also at the FYE booth on last summer's tour with POISON. "Roadrage" features five tracks, "100% live, pro-shot" on the 2006 North American GUNS N' ROSES/SEBASTIAN BACH tour.

Bach recently revealed plans to release two full-length albums in 2009. He wrote in a message that was sent out via his official newsletter, dubbed the "Daily DeBachle", "One will be the CD I am working on with Jeffrey Steele and Vicky McGehee, the team that brought you 'Battle with the Bottle' [the song Bach sang on CMT's hit series, 'Gone Country']. The other CD will be a straight-up, hard-ass rocker, the follow-up to 'Angel Down'. I plan on writing this record with my band, Roy Z ['Angel Down' producer who has worked with JUDAS PRIEST, BRUCE DICKINSON, HALFORD and HELLOWEEN] hopefully, and definitely Jamey Jasta of the band HATEBREED. Jamey and I are getting together [in January 2009] to record some demos. I am not going to make a HATEBREED record, I am going to work on material with Jamey that will be heavy and anthemic but still make sense next to the other CDs I have done. I am also planning on releasing a new DVD in 2009. Can't go into the details quite yet, but there will be more high-quality live DVD material coming your way this year, a la 'Roadrage'. Looks like I will be starting work on the new DVD this month.

"Don't get confused by me doing a 'country' album and a 'rock' album at the same time. I have always hated labels. What I have learned over my lifetime is, I don't make decisions for my voice, my voice makes decisions for me. I have to get out of the way of my own voice so it can be heard loud and clear. My only objective in making CDs is to make them 'good.' Hopefully these two new CDs will fall into this category!"

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