SENTENCED's SAMI LOPAKKA: New Album Is Our Most Diverse To Date

March 29, 2002

SENTENCED guitarist Sami Lopakka recently had the following to say about the band's just-completed new album, entitled The Cold White Light, which is due through Century Media Records on May 13th:

I'm having major difficulties when I try to describe the new album to you. That is probably because the album is so many things at the same time. On one hand, the album has songs that are more rocking turbo-boost and aggressive than what we have had in years. On the other hand, there are songs that are more mellow and very atmospheric. Even the songs that are music-wise somewhat alike, have been drawn as far as possible from each other with lyrics, production and different instruments.

You can surely recognize the band on The Cold White Light, the changes are not that radical and this is not an experimental album. Although you might find some similarities to our earlier albums Amok, Down, Frozen and Crimson, there are some elements in both music and lyrics that we have never had before. On the whole, I think the band sounds fresh and the playing is relaxed, thanks to the break we took before this album. With The Cold White Light, we have also given a lot of thought to the arrangements. They are now way more interesting and different than for example on Crimson, which was, arrangement-wise, pretty dull.

I can only speak for myself, but I honestly think that the new album contains some of our finest songs and best lyrics yet.

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