SEPULTURA Guitarist Describes 'Mind-Blowing' Poverty In India

November 7, 2007

SEPULTURA guitarist Andreas Kisser has issued the following update:

"New Delhi, India (Oct. 26-29, 2007): After resting from the long journey, we had the first interview to do. It was made in a rock bar, with many journalists and many fans.

I had the first real experience with the Indian traffic. Me, my wife Patricia and others were lost, and it was hard to find the place we supposed to be to do the press conference. It was a good chance to see a little bit of the Indian capital. Finally we got there and the press people were very excited to talk to us and we were too. It was great to feel their welcome.

"I visited some beautiful places in Delhi like the India Gate, a monument built honoring the Indian soldiers that fought at the World War I, similar to the Triumph Arc in Paris. At the other side of the Arc, following the road, is the Government Palace, residence of the Indian Prime Minister. Other nice place was the Qutub Minar, a huge tower built 1.000 years ago, the tallest tower in Delhi. Around the tower are the ruins of a school and many tombs from unknown people.

"But Delhi, like any other big city, is chaotic. The poverty on the streets is mind-blowing. Starving families begging for food, money and anything they can get. People living in unbelievable conditions, but they are very nice, not violent at all and they seem conformed with their situation.

"We played at an open air venue that was full of anxious SEPULTURA fans. The show was great, they knew all the songs and their reaction was amazing. The adrenaline we felt on stage helped us to feel better and to minimize the effects of the jet lag.

"Next day, we traveled by bus to Agra, home of the Taj Mahal. On the way to Agra we pass trough Mathura, the birth place of Krishna, with many temples and pilgrims. Every time we pass a state border we had to stop to pay a toll and every time we stopped people gathered around the bus trying to sell things, with monkeys jumping around on a leash, snakes charmers, etc…

"Agra is dirtier and more chaotic than anything else I ever experienced, but as soon we arrived at the Taj Mahal everything changed. The place is beautiful, magical, peaceful, unbelievable. We spent some hours there learning about the history with a local guide. It's a story of love, passion, great strength and faith. Amazing! We took the road back and we rested at the Hotel for the travel next day to Shillong. What an adventure! [End of Indian tour diary]

"Yesterday I went to see Steve Vai here in Sao Paulo [Brazil]. A true master of the guitar. Incredible show with an amazing band behind him. I came backstage to talk to him after the gig and he was very nice, he told me that he bought SEPULTURA albums in the '90s. I was very happy to hear that, he´s a great influence on my music for a long time. I like to send a 'Big Thanks' to Jeremy, the drummer, who arranged all the passes for this unforgettable night and for an awesome performance! Valeu!!!"

In a recent interview with Romania's Metalhead TV, Andreas Kisser stated about the band's current touring/recording plans, "Our intention, really, is to play as much as we can to prepare this band to start writing new material. So we're gonna start writing a new album at the end of the year, hopefully to release next year, sometime in the second [half of 2008]."

Back in March, SEPULTURA filmed the second video from their "Dante XXI" album, for the song "Ostia". The clip was shot at a studio in São Paulo prior to the band's departure for their European tour. During the following week, the video crew and the main actor shot the outdoor scenes in downtown São Paulo. The script, which adapts the story from the book "The Divine Comedy" to the modern days, was directed by Geraldo Moraes.

SEPULTURA performing in Bangalore, India on November 3, 2007:

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