SEPULTURA's DERRICK GREEN On Making Of 'Quadra' Album: 'We Were Very Confident Within Ourselves As A Group'

April 30, 2021

SEPULTURA frontman Derrick Green spoke to "Party Time Excellent", the Internet video podcast hosted by Elena "Lena Scissorhands" Cataraga of the Moldovan extreme metal outfit INFECTED RAIN, about the making of SEPULTURA's latest album, "Quadra". He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): "We had worked so much in 2019 on the album, so we didn't do a lot of the festivals in 2019, because we were planning on playing those festivals in 2020. In 2019, we took a lot of time in the writing process to prepare ourselves before going in the studio. And we took a longer time on this album than other albums, as far as the writing process. And I think that helped into creating an incredible album, I feel — taking that time and having the time to do that album, and go in the studio very prepared. And working with a producer that we had already worked with before — Jens Bogren in Sweden. We worked with him on our last album, 'Machine Messiah', and so we knew what we were going into, and that helps a lot — being very comfortable. And we were very confident within ourselves as a group, because this was our third album with Eloy Casagrande, our drummer that's been with us for quite some time now. So this was also another level of stepping up and having that confidence."

He continued: "It was so exciting to really work on the album and to write it and come up with a lot of the ideas of the lyrics and the concept of each person living in their own 'quadra' — like you grew up in your own area, and you learned certain things from living within that area. But you have to give respect to that, because not everyone is born in the same quadra, the same square. And so that's a learning process we develop from traveling and meeting people from all around the world."

Last year, SEPULTURA launched "SepulQuarta", a weekly event where the band gave insight into its colorful history, took part in question-and-answer sessions with fans and performed music while in quarantine. Some of the musical collaborations, including those with members of MEGADETH, TESTAMENT, ANTHRAX, SYSTEM OF A DOWN, TRIVIUM and SACRED REICH, will be released as a full-length album later this year.

"Quadra" was released in February 2020 via Nuclear Blast Records.

SEPULTURA comprises Green, guitarist Andreas Kisser, bassist Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr., and Casagrande.

SEPULTURA was formed in Belo Horizonte by brothers Max and Igor Cavalera, who are no longer with the band.

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