July 6, 2002

SEVENDUST frontman Lajon Witherspoon recently commented on the July 1st incident at Edgefest in Barrie, Ontario when he and former ALICE IN CHAINS guitarist Jerry Cantrell exchanged insults from the stage after numerous technical difficulties during Cantrell's set led to an abbreviated performance from the guitarist. Said Lajon: "This is how it went down man, we had an 18-hour bus ride out of Lacrosse, Wisconsin and in the first ten minutes of the ride, our bus broke down. So we had to flag down our crew bus and some of us had to sleep on the floor for the ride up. The next thing we know, the Canadian border is giving us a hard time and they held us up for two hours, checking through our papers and they were wondering why our bus was so packed. Finally they let us go and we were on our way. We finally make it up to the show, get unloaded, set up the stage, and in the last five minutes before we were about to go on, we were chilling in the dressing room, when Jerry Cantrell came in. He said, 'The stage is all yours...' and [SEVENDUST guitarist] Clint [Lowery] reached out to shake his hand, and Jerry backed away and said 'Fuck you.' Then he walked out. 'Well, being we are good ol' boys from the south, he was lucky he made it out the door and didn't get his punk ass kicked.' We had no idea that we would have all this kind of shit happening and we got [to the festival site] as fast as we could.

"You know, some of the guys here grew up with his backing band members, COMES WITH THE FALL. and I don't understand why things got so fucked up, but it gave me an extra boost when I got out there."

(Thanks: Lady Mercury / Jerry's Trip)

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