SEVENTH WONDER Bassist Promises New Studio Album In 2013

December 31, 2012

Bassist Andreas Blomqvist of the Stockholm, Sweden-based progressive metal band SEVENTH WONDER, which features in its ranks current KAMELOT singer Tommy Karevik, has issued the following year-end update:

"This time of year, I normally write a little something, so I figured I would do that again this year.

"2012 sure was a different year for us, somewhat in hiatus but also having a lot to deal with. Stefan [Norgren, drums] has worked his way into the band incredibly well, Tommy went on a world tour with KAMELOT, Johan [Liefvendahl , guitar] had a baby and I think I have made a decent enough comeback after my tenure in the States and we managed to sneak in a gig in Norway and a little tour in Italy too — not to mention us having written some prog goodies. Good to be back!

"So the most important topic now is, of course, 'what now?' You bet it is! Well, first let me say this:

"2013 will be an exciting year, for it *will* be a year of a new studio release from SEVENTH WONDER. We are well underway! We have more or less seven songs written, out of which four are very well arranged and demoed and only one that is still not properly worked through. We also have two more things in the pipeline to dive into come January and February. Our hope is to finish the demoing of the tracks this spring and then give Tommy ample time to work on the vocal arrangements following that. We will not rush that phase this time as we have before, but we hope this will make for a better product in the end. Then it is just the small matter of the recording, mixing and mastering, but in all honesty, we can't say anything about that yet, so we will have to get back to you on that one. We also have a few leads on a couple of gigs for 2013, although nothing has been finalized. I will say, though, that the album will be the main focus this year and we want to give you something that was well worth the extended wait. I think we are in for a real treat in terms of this new release and I really like what I am hearing which is a good thing, don't you think?! I think it will clearly be the same melodic overdose it usually is, so rest assured we won't be totally switching gears here, although we do work in a slightly different manner this time but all for the best, I think, with possibly the only drawback I can see would be a little slower schedule.

"Anyway, thank you all for sticking by us through a couple of slower years. We hope that you give us the chance to change that and tag along as we pick up the pace and dive head first into 2013."

SEVENTH WONDER's fourth album, "The Great Escape", was released in December 2010 via Lion Music. A track from the CD, "Wiseman", can be streamed in the YouTube clip below.

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