SHAI HULUD: New Album To Arrive In May

March 14, 2008

Pompano Beach, Florida-based metalcore band SHAI HULUD is back with a new album, entitled "Misanthropy Pure".

Recorded at Silver Bullet Media in CT and mixed by Eric Rachel at Trax East, "Misanthropy Pure" is the group's first offering in over five years.

According to founding member Matt Fox, "It's faster, slower, more metal, less metal, more rock, more progressive, and less progressive than anything we've ever done."

Don't call it a comeback. It's not a reunion. It's an emergence from a hibernation that included plenty of activity. SHAI HULUD has returned to the forefront of a scene it helped create. While the current "metalcore" climate has a blueprint that was co-authored by SHAI HULUD, the band isn't content to rest on past triumphs.

When the metalcore sound was in its infancy, there were four bands that every band was copying and those bands were THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, CONVERGE, POISON THE WELL, and SHAI HULUD.

Musically, the album combines hardcore, thrash, punk and metal, and siphons influence from diverse sources, ranging from METALLICA to BURN to TESTAMENT to DEAD KENNEDYS to CIRCLE JERKS.

"We were influenced by YOUTH OF TODAY and TESTAMENT from day one," Fox says proudly of the days before the term 'metalcore' even existed.

He admits they up the ante, refusing to adhere to trends or to cash in on some musical renaissance.

"It's like that movie 'Deep Blue Sea'," Fox says. "The tagline on the DVD box is 'Bigger. Faster. Smarter. Meaner.' That's how this record is. Is it the best thing we've ever done? I don't know. We'll leave that to those who listen."

"Misanthropy Pure" was written and recorded by Matt Fox (guitars),Matt Fletcher (bass),Matt Mazzali (vocals),Andrew Gormley (drums).

"Misanthropy Pure" track listing:

01. Venomspreader
02. The Creation Ruin
03. Misanthropy Pure
04. We Who Finish Last
05. Chorus Of The Dissimilar
06. In The Mind And Marrow
07. To Bear The Brunt Of Many Blades
08. Four Earths
09. Set You Body Ablaze
10. Be Winged
11. Cold Lord Quietus
I. They Congregate To Mourn
II. The Persecution Of Every Next Breath
III. Go Forth To Life

"Misanthropy Pure" will be released on May 26 in Europe (except in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy, where it will arrive on May 30) via Metal Blade Records. The CD will be issued in North America on May 27.

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