SHARON OSBOURNE On Cancer Battle: 'Life Goes On'

September 29, 2002

The following article was originally published in the National Enquirer:

Cancer-stricken Sharon Osbourne reveals for the first time how she had to calm her sobbing husband Ozzy after she nearly died from chemotherapy complications.

No more tears! Married for 20 years, Sharon's more in control than Ozzy. She had to be strong for her struggling husband.

In an exclusive interview, the feisty reality-show queen tells how heavy-metal legend Ozzy was terrified she would not survive.

"He looked at me sometimes with tears in his eyes and said: 'Sharon, please don't die,'" she says. "'Don't leave me on my own. I don't want to be alone!'"

"I'd get a little irritated and tell him: 'I'm not gonna croak yet, you stupid b#@#$%#!'"

But she also knows that if it weren't for her husband of 20 years, she would never have been rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Her red-blood-cell count had dropped to almost nothing, and she was totally dehydrated from the chemo regimen being used to treat her colon cancer.

The rocker had just returned from his Ozzfest tour when he became alarmed at his wife's condition.

"Ozzy looked in my eyes and said: 'You're not right. There's something very wrong here,'" she says.

"He said my face looked ashen and gray, and he had me rushed to the hospital by ambulance at like two in the morning. My chemo almost killed me."

To treat the dehydration, doctors quickly put Sharon on an intravenous drip. They worked on her for 10 days to get her red count up.

"My whole family came to visit me," she says. "Ozzy stayed with me as much as he could. In fact, he'd frequently stay over with me."

Luckily, doctors came up with a more tolerable chemotherapy schedule for Sharon.

"Instead of four weeks on and two weeks off," explains Sharon, "it's two weeks on and two weeks off. That's much better!"

Dr. LaMar McGinnis, medical consultant to the American Cancer Society, says: "Cancer patients are often started on the most aggressive form of chemotherapy because it's the most effective. That's the ideal.

"But some patients do become very ill. That's a fairly common occurrence. If it's too much for the patient, the chemo regimen can be modified, as is being done in Sharon Osbourne's case."

No one is more thrilled that the family matriarch is feeling better than her husband and kids, Jack, 16, Kelly, 17, and Aimee, 19, who does not appear on the hit MTV show, The Osbournes, which has started taping again.

"We're back in our Beverly Hills house — me, Ozzy, Kelly and Jack," says Sharon. "Life goes on."

And the strong-willed star knows she has a lot to look forward to.

Sharon, who turns 50 Oct. 9, confirms the buzz that Ozzy, 53, is going to throw her a big birthday bash at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

"I'm keeping the date a secret for now, but I will tell you one thing," she confides. "Ozzy and I will be renewing our vows at the party.

"So it'll be a birthday celebration and a wedding all rolled into one. It'll be a great time for everybody."

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