SHARON OSBOURNE's Talk Show Already a Target

June 13, 2003

Sharon Osbourne's new talk show, produced by Telepictures Productions, doesn't arrive until September, but it's already getting a bad buzz in the business, according to

Osbourne's executive producer, Mary Duffy, has apparently not made a lot of friends in the business despite, or because of, long stints with other shows such as Montel Williams'. The word is that two big personalities like Sharon and Duffy are sure to clash very quickly.

Besides Montel, Duffy also headed up the ill-fated "Ananda Lewis Show", and worked on the canceled "Sally Jessy Raphael Show".

What may also affect the Osbourne show is Sharon's entourage of assistants, helpers and sycophants. There are just enough of them already, according to sources, to crowd a narrow hallway populated with producers, bookers, assistant producers and the like — all of whom are necessary for a talk show's survival.

The Osbourne show will essentially be a third-generation successor to Rosie O'Donnell following Caroline Rhea's valiant attempt to win over the morning audience. But can Osbourne, who is wickedly funny when she's allowed to curse on MTV, be able to tone it down for a national audience of housewives and moms? And if she does tone it down, will she be the least bit interesting? Those are the questions on the minds of her new staff.

Meanwhile, Sharon's only competitor among new talkers will be Ellen DeGeneres, whose reputation at least among staffers is a lot more palatable.

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