SHARON OSBOURNE Says DONALD TRUMP Is 'Disgusting' And 'Completely Insane'

August 29, 2016

Sharon Osbourne says that controversial Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is "disgusting" and "completely insane."

Ozzy's wife and manager, who holds dual American and British citizenship, tells The Sunday Times about the prospect of a Trump presidency: "It's very, very scary. I don't believe he thought he would get this far. He just wanted to build the brand, and now I think he's terrified.

"His wife is gorgeous, I mean, God bless her, she didn't sign up for this. She signed up for Park Avenue and a blowjob every night and the credit card. That's what she signed up for.

"I feel very sorry for her having that big thing on top of you every night. I mean, he's disguuuuusting. Disgusting. He is, like, completely insane."

Sharon previously defended Melania Trump after Donald's wife was accused of plagiarizing a 2008 speech by Michelle Obama.

"I feel badly for her," Sharon said on her talk show. "As a woman, I feel really badly for her. She's in a situation that is so huge.

Sharon added that she was convinced Melania wrote her own speech.

"I'm sure she did write it, and I'm sure she put her heart in it. I'm sure that she researched other candidate's wives' speeches," Sharon said, explaining how Melania might have borrowed segments from Michelle's speech.

"She obviously connected with the words of the First Lady and I think that she being from where she is, she doesn't realize that people hang on your every word. Everything you say is going to be researched. She doesn't know. She's in something with is so huge, so big, she's like doggy paddling to stay above the water."

Sharon, who worked with Donald Trump on "Celebrity Apprentice", told Conan O'Brien that she "would be terrified" if Trump were actually elected president, "because he's a narcissist," she said. "He just is — he knows that about himself.... And if somebody disagrees with him, he doesn't take it well. And to think that this man would have his hand on that button — can you imagine? He's got such a quick, fiery temper."

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