SILENT CIVILIAN Frontman: 'NOTHINGFACE Has Treated Us Like Family'

March 3, 2006

Vocalist/guitarist Jonny Santos of SILENT CIVILIAN — who were on the road with NOTHINGACE and CROSSBREED when a disagreement between the latter two bands led to CROSSBREED prematurely leaving the trek — has released a statement commenting on CROSSBREED's departure from the tour. The statement reads as follows:

"Regardless of any differences some bands may have with NOTHINGFACE, I would like to say this… We have been on this tour since day one, and NOTHINGFACE has treated us like family. Being in a band and touring for the better part of the last eight years, I have learned that there are certain guidelines and rules that apply when you are a support act. Knowing this, any band on a tour like this should follow these guidelines. That's just how it is. If you don't play ball, not only is it not cool, but you could find yourself being kicked off of a tour. With that said, we have had the best time on this tour and feel that we have lifelong friends in the NOTHINGFACE family/band/crew. There were difficulties between certain bands on this tour that could not be rectified, and it was very unfortunate. None of us wanted to see that happen. But... from a third party that was a witness to everything that happened, I would like to say that we feel NOTHINGFACE are some of the most awesome guys I/we have ever had the pleasure of touring with, and we are sad that the tour is coming to an end. If ever asked to tour with them again, I would not hesitate to accept their offer."

SILENT CIVILIAN's debut album, "Rebirth of the Temple", is scheduled for release on May 2 via Mediaskare Records.

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