Singer DOOGIE WHITE Talks About His Split With YNGWIE, Future With TANK

The Rainbow Fanclub Legacy recently conducted an interview with U.K.-based vocalist Doogie White (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, RAINBOW, CORNERSTONE, TANK). A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

The Rainbow Fanclub Legacy: How did you got involved with TANK?

Doogie: When Mr. Goldy and I were asked to remove the songs we had written together for my solo album, I needed to find replacements for them. That's when Mick Tucker, guitarist with TANK, came into the picture. I have known him for years on and off and so we wrote some good songs rather quickly and painlessly. I had no idea he was in TANK. It appears that, over the last couple of years, TANK had been offered tours and festivals, but Algy Ward, original member, did not want to do it any more. I don't know his reasons. So Mick asked if I would step up and do the work with them.

The Rainbow Fanclub Legacy: I remember them from the early '80s when they had songs like "He Fell In Love With A Stormtrooper" and "Heavy Artillery". I believe they were a trio then and did some gigs as support act for the bigger names then. Were you familiar already with them at that time?

Doogie: Nope. In fact, I only heard them last week for the first time. They gave me a box set of about 10 albums so I am slowly working my way through them. It's a metal beast. I want to stay somewhat faithful to their sound but adding my own personality and style to the music.

The Rainbow Fanclub Legacy: I think they split up sometime in the late '80s. Is this lineup a new start or where they already back together for some more time?

Doogie: Well, the original drummer is back and the two guitarists have been in the band since album 2, I think. But Algy was the main man. I think they were playing as recently as 2005. We just have to see what happens in the short term and that will determine any ongoing interest.

The Rainbow Fanclub Legacy: What are the plans for TANK? Studio album and then touring?

Doogie: We will see how it all pans out. Mick and I write well together but I need to understand TANK. It is important for the fans who have loved this band to understand that if Algy wanted to still play, then I would not be here. If they want to hear TANK, then they will have to adjust to the departure of Mr. Ward the same way the guys in the band have to. It will still be big riffing guitars. I have wanted to do a metal album for ages so here goes.

The Rainbow Fanclub Legacy: What happened between you and Yngwie?

Doogie: Nothing, really. I went to his London show and we hung out and had a laugh. Jeff Scott Soto was there and Ripper also, so we all talked shite together. There are no issues between YJM and me personally — well, certainly not on my part. I enjoyed the time we worked together, I knew how it was gonna be and what I signed up for in the beginning but that had not worked for me for quite a while. I had hoped that maybe it would change but it never did. If you stick a bunch of guys on a bus with the wife, the kid and the sister-in-law and send them out on the road for three months in that kind of confined environment, then certain "issues" will raise their ugly heads.

The Rainbow Fanclub Legacy: What do you think of the new album he did?

Doogie: When Yngwie called me to say he was changing to a direction of music that he did not think would work for me — more MAIDEN and QUEEN rather than PURPLE and QUEEN — I was very happy for him. But I have not heard the album so I can't say. I am sure it's up to his usual standard.

The Rainbow Fanclub Legacy: It's been said that Ripper Owens is only doing this one album with him. Would you go back if he asks?

Doogie: Yngwie's tour manager, who is also his sister-in-law, did mention to me in London that Tim was in for one album and one tour only, and would I come back later. But, really, that is so bizarre and disrespectful to "The Ripper" and I don't really think that the conditions I would require these days would be acceptable to his... erm... management.

Read the entire interview from The Rainbow Fanclub Legacy.


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